Here are some very useful tips on how you can catch the best deals in hotel accommodations:

• Check your travel itineraries. If you spend most of your time outside the hotel, then you might be better off with a budget hotel over a full service resort hotel. You can spend most of your time going around the city instead of wasting your time within the premises of the building.

• Try to arrange your schedule and find a way to travel during the off peak season. This will give you perks on savings not only in booking cheap hotels but also in getting great deals on airfare too.

• Do not be afraid to haggle. Many people find it shameful to ask for a discount but in most cases especially during off-peak seasons, the manager-in-charge can actually give you a good discount.

• If you frequently travel to that specific location, you might want to sign up for a loyalty membership program in that hotel so that you can gather points and use them to get discounts during your next visit.